MagiQ AIMS Solution tested and proven effective in bringing communications “back-to-life” in dense electromagnetic warfare environments

Somerville, MA – December 11, 2019 – MagiQ Technologies, the leader in optical processing innovation for defense, telecommunications and energy exploration, today announced they successfully completed milestone in-shore testing of their flagship Agile Interference Mitigation System, MagiQ AIMS.

Originally developed and tested in labs, MagiQ AIMS was shown effective in its first shore-based field test by US Naval personnel during first half of 2019. Government managed Shore Based Test Facilities or SBTF’s are used to demonstrate capability in an environment replicating a tactical system, verify performance against real world conditions and prove compatibility with existing equipment.

Under development for more than 10 years, 2019 marked the first time that MagiQ AIMS was tested and successfully demonstrated performance in a tactical shipboard communications environment.

To maintain Assured Command and Control (C2) and Persistent Navigation and Timing (PNT) effective radio communications are critical to conducting successful defense operations in all domains.  Effective defense operations depend on clear, uninterrupted wireless communications to enable safety, situational awareness, and successful execution of military objectives. But wireless communications can be critically comprised due to the presence of numerous competing devices and antennae, reducing effectiveness and endangering personnel.

The MagiQ Agile Interference Mitigation System (AIMS) provides advanced, real-time interference cancelation in dense electromagnetic and often hostile environments where little to no communications were possible before. MagiQ AIMS brings communication “back-to-life” in dense electromagnetic environments where communication is limited due to friendly or even hostile radio jamming. MagiQ AIMS employs a real-time proprietary interference cancellation technique that solves a wide range of scenarios that traditional cancellers cannot address. These include scenarios where it’s impossible to gain prior knowledge of Interfering signals, or situations where high-powered interfering signals are close in frequency to the signal-of-interest.

“MagiQ AIMS allows for critical communications to take place where other communication means fail” said Audrius Berzanskis, CEO of MagiQ Technologies.  “Our proprietary technique enables RF systems to operate in the presence of extremely dense interference and can out-perform competitive approaches to interference suppression by a factor of 10,000.”

Users deploying AIMS will benefit from greatly improved receiver performance when degraded by interference, even without an interfering signal sample. Additional key features of AIMS include system agnostic applications, wideband real-time spectrum protection, simple installation, and high-powered mitigation capabilities even when RF receivers experience high saturation from competing signals.