MagiQ Technologies.
Taking Quantum Innovation Further.

MagiQ Technologies is a pioneer in quantum information solutions. Headquartered in Greater Boston, the company was founded in 1999 with the express purpose of researching and developing marketable applications leveraging quantum science. Led by a seasoned team of commercial engineers and research scientists, MagiQ is achieving success for a broad range of customers in aerospace & defense, telecommunications, network security, and energy exploration. Leading organizations including US Department of Energy, DARPA, US Army, Airforce, NASA, and others rely on MagiQ Technologies to better communicate, safeguard, and secure their worlds.

Company Background

At the core of all MagiQ Technologies’ solutions is our innovative use of quantum and classical optical science vs. traditional electronic approaches. In 2004, MagiQ produced the world’s first commercial quantum cryptography product that delivered advanced, future-proof network security. Quick to leverage their early success, the company began expanding their solution portfolio in the fields of RF processing and quantum and optical sensing, and soon found themselves solving challenges that were considered unsolvable using traditional approaches.

Today, MagiQ Technologies is Taking Quantum Innovation Further by developing proven, optical sensing applications for RF interference cancellation, quantum cryptography, and optical surveillance for advanced energy exploration. The company’s growing line of solutions are engineered for customer success, and combine the latest in optical science with practical, proven applications that are cost-effective to manufacture, deploy, service, and maintain.


MagiQ Technologies solutions are engineered to meet a variety of industry-specific optic measurement and communications challenges to safeguard, secure, and yield significant business results.

Our Team

Our experienced management team and R&D staff offer world-class expertise gained from dozens of industry leading organizations like Boeing, Sony, Hittite Microwave, LeCroy, Alcatel, Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies, the MITRE, Varian Semiconductor/Applied Materials, and Apple Computer. The MagiQ Technologies team was integral in the successful development of state-of-the-art communications systems for the Department of Defense (Navy, Airforce, and DARPA).

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Our corporate headquarters are located north of Boston in the heart of the energetic and growing technology district near Kendall Square. Strategically positioned between the vibrant communities of Harvard University and MIT, our employees and visitors enjoy easy access to public transportation, and a variety of coffee shops, stores and restaurants.