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Cryptographic Security Protocols

Network security is critical to enterprise communications and classical cryptography is the cornerstone of securing today’s networks. The fundamental part of any cryptographic protocol is the key, a lengthy sequence of random characters that are used to encode data; these keys are exchanged by different parties to enable secure communications.

Classical cryptography assumes the computational difficulty of “cracking” the protocol what that makes them open to severe security threats. To be truly secure, the keys must be completely random and remain private to the communicating parties. They must also be refreshed frequently to ensure a high level of security.

Vulnerabilities & Threats

In 1994, Peter Shor developed an algorithm that made most classical cryptographic algorithms vulnerable. Although the algorithm requires a universal quantum computer, a hardware not universally available yet, the very existence of the algorithm not only shattered the belief in classical cryptography as the ultimate solution but introduced the notion that other threats to cryptography can and do exist. Many major industry players like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and various government and foreign agencies are working on the development of quantum computers.

MagiQ QPN: State of the Art Quantum Cryptography

MagiQ QPN is a market leading Quantum Cryptography solution that delivers advanced network security and fool-proof defense against the numerous cryptographic key distribution and management challenges.

Keys generated and disseminated using QPN quantum cryptography consist of truly random characters that are distributed based upon the laws of quantum mechanics, which guarantees that keys cannot be intercepted during the key exchange session. Therefore, MagiQ QPN provides security that will remain secure against future advances in algorithms, computational power, hardware design, and even quantum computing.

The security of quantum cryptography lies in its ability to exchange the encryption keys with absolute security – Quantum Key Distribution. By sending the key bits encoded at the single photon level on a photon-by-photon basis, quantum mechanics guarantees that the act of an eavesdropper observing a photon irretrievably changes the information encoded on that photon. Therefore, the eavesdropper can neither copy nor clone, nor read the information encoded on the photon without modifying it; eavesdropping is instantly detected making this key exchange uncompromisingly secure.

QPN implements the BB84 protocol, invented by Bennet and Brassard in 1984. This protocol assumes that the sender and recipient share an optical link (fiber) and a classical (non-quantum) unsecured communication channel, for example, a standard internet link.

QPN sends photons over the fiber to create the secure keys between two QPN stations. A photon is an elementary light particle that has measurable properties, like polarization, which can be ‘up’ or ‘down’. These can be used to encode and transmit a value of a bit from one QPN station to the other. The transmitting QPN station uses a truly random number generator to come up with the value of the bit encoded on the photon.

The security of the BB84 protocol is based on the fundamental Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, that states that observing a photon (eavesdropping) does change its properties, i.e., in the presence of eavesdropping, the values of the received bits will differ from the values of the bits sent. This fundamental principal eliminates the ability of any eavesdropper to hide his/her ‘footprints on the photon.

Protecting financial information is one of the highest priorities of corporations and entities involved in financial management and securities exchange. With MagiQ QPN, financial organizations can secure their most critical communication links to prevent intrusion and data theft. MagiQ QPN supports a variety of network architectures and provides the cryptographic key exchange infrastructure to protect the information channels.

Storage area networks offer the promise of protecting corporate assets offsite by creating electronic copies of critical information for future retrieval. Encryption is used to protect the data link to the storage site (data in transit) and to protect the data at the site (data at rest). QPN guarantees high-security in storage area network applications to better meet customer security requirements now and for the future.

Military and Government

Hostile forces are a real and a continuous threat to government and military network security. QPN can safeguard against hackers and unwanted network security breaches by “trusted” insiders attempting to access highly-classified government and military information.

MagiQ QPN enables future-proof quantum security for other industries as well:

R&D companies looking to protect trade secrets, intellectual properties, patents and business plans
Voice and data service providers who need to secure confidential customer data and/or access to the network command channel
Large Power Grid Providers open to terrorist or malicious hacking into the command and control channel interfaces

MagiQ QPN is an advanced security solution for safe, uncompromised communications enabling:

Security based on the laws of physics that is truly future proof, immune to future advances in hardware or algorithms.
Fast key refresh rates provide security against both outsider and insider attacks
Flexible configuration that supports most network topologies

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