MagiQ GeoLite Sensors

Optical Seismic Surveillance for Accurate, Economical Oil & Gas Exploration

Accurate oil reservoir characterization relies on seismic surveillance to provide accurate images below the earth’s surface. Seismic data is collected in the field, processed in a computer center, and interpreted by a geophysicist. The seismic analysis provides an essential picture of the oil reservoir’s shape, size, and location to help better manage resources and maximize energy extraction.

Today, oil extraction rates from reservoirs vary from 10% to 15% for unconventional resources. Accurate data is critical, as proper reservoir characterization can increase energy extraction by 20%-25%. That is 67-100% more oil with little to zero added cost.

Seismic Surveillance Challenges

Performing effective, cost-efficient reservoir characterization is extremely challenging. Traditional geophone downhole tools are costly and fail to function in high temperature environments presented by some unconventional reservoirs. Wireline tool strings can be expensive to deploy and maintain and are frequently incompatible with complex well configurations.

Traditional wireline systems require frequent maintenance due to their complex mechanical packaging. Electronic geo sensing devices have limited service life, especially at temperatures above 150C, which prevent permanent and long-term deployments. At temperatures exceeding 200C, options for sensors and supporting electronics are cost prohibitive or completely nonexistent.

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) can be used in some cases instead the traditional geophone systems. In comparison to the latter, DAS is an inexpensive and simple system. The major shortcoming of DAS is that it does not provide 3C vector signal and, in many cases, its sensitivity is too low to extract high quality seismic data.

MagiQ GeoLite Sensors

MagiQ GeoLite Sensors are a multi-component 3C Fiber Optic system for advanced, accurate seismic and microseismic data acquisition. GeoLite Sensors are engineered for rugged downhole environments and offer greater flexibility and lower data acquisition costs compared to conventional geophones.

GeoLite Sensors are a universal tool string designed to simplify deployments and reduce operational costs. The key innovation of GeoLite Sensors is small diameter (1.8″), rugged optical seismic/microseismic sensor array. All GeoLite Sensor elements are contained within an innovative umbilical housing, without joints or mechanical elements exposed to the harsh down hole environment. The unique design conceals exposed connections, dramatically reducing sensor failure.

GeoLite Optical Sensors provide effective energy extraction that is both safer and simpler. The passive architecture reduces complexity by keeping necessary electronics on the surface where they can be serviced and modernized at relatively low cost while the system below ground is constructed of glass and metal with no electronic components.

GeoLite Optical Sensors enable high temperature, high pressure, permanent installations that are not possible with traditional sensing equipment. They deliver safe, effective energy resource extraction capabilities, at cost and formfactor comparable to that of DAS.

MagiQ’s unique, proprietary optical technology sends optical pulses through fiber and can measure picometer scale motion of hundreds of sensors, while being insensitive to the motion of the cable itself.

MagiQ GeoLite Optical Sensors allow a single interrogator to address large arrays of sensors, while still maintaining low noise floors and high sampling rates. The measurement methods and signal processing are optimized to reduce or eliminate the effects of transmission line pickup, fiber darkening, and polarization drifts.

MagiQ GeoLite Sensors provide accurate, cost effective seismic surveillance for a variety of customers, including:

Service providers offering energy exploration and discovery services to the oil and gas industry
Oil & Gas companies actively involved in the wholesale production and sales of petroleum and natural gas
Seismic surveillance companies offering services for well exploration, surveillance and seismic data acquisition and interpretation

MagiQ GeoLite Sensors provide a variety of unique features and benefits that enable easier, more accurate seismic monitoring:

3C measurements provides full seismic picture of the reservoir
Simple design and universal deployment deliver lower maintenance, operational and data acquisition costs
Simplified logistics offers lower TCO
No exposed parts or joints delivers high reliability and longevity
Greater number of sensors greatly increases measurement aperture and resolution
Passive downhole design to withstand high temperature and pressure environments

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