RF Interference Cancellation for Wireless Telecommunications

Wireless communications are an essential part of our lives, yet the number of active transmitters in the RF spectrum are increasing rapidly making interference related issues a critical problem for cellular networks. In addition to licensed service transmitters, unlicensed or malfunctioning devices can also generate external interference causing substantial problems.

Vulnerabilities & Threats

A typical cell tower usually hosts multiple cellular, Microwave, WiMAX, and Public Safety radios that generate many competing RF signals. These co-located RF sources plus external RF sources, like nearby FM radios and TV stations, result in a high density of RF signals, that, if not managed properly, create RF interference problems.

Interference leads to service degradation, lowers network throughput and negatively impacts voice and data transmission quality, as well as other Key Performance Indicators. The interference prevents Telco’s from providing a quality service which costs Telco’s considerable amounts of money.

MagiQ Clear Spectrum Recovery Technology (CSR)

Over 10 years in development, MagiQ’s advanced interference cancellation technology helps bring communication “back-to-life” in dense electromagnetic environments where no, or limited communication was previously possible. MagiQ’s techniques take roots in solutions developed for the Department of Defense; these solutions were designed specifically to operate in the most stressful RF interference situations.

The CSR is a hardware appliance that runs sophisticated algorithms and clears up the antenna signal before it reaches the receiver. Depending upon the architecture of the cell site, it can be installed between the antenna and the radio on the tower, on the roof-top, or at the site’s shelter. The CSR technology can also provide an RF over fiber delivery system, i.e. one module of the CSR can be installed next to the antenna on the tower while the other fiber-connected module can be placed next to the radio (at the site shelter for example).

CSR monitors the spectrum in real time and identifies unwanted interference by flagging signal amplitudes that will lead to distortion in the protected receiver. Once identified, CSR instantaneously invokes a filter and tunes its center frequency and bandwidth to suppress the problem frequencies.

These filters have very high-quality factors Q, allowing surgical removal of ~60dB of interference while leaving nearby signals of interest uncompromised. CSR supports many instances of these tunable filters which can be continually updated to contend with the most demanding dense and lively EM environments.

The number of active transmitters in the RF spectrum is increasing rapidly making interference related issues a growing problem for cellular networks. Competing transmitters belong not only to licensed services such as mobile networks, paging systems, wireless local networks, and digital video broadcasting, but also to unlicensed or malfunctioning devices that generate external interference to licensed systems.

CSR delivers better coverage and performance for a variety of customers across the spectrum, including:

Programs where our own equipment jams ourselves
Warfighters dealing with hostile jamming
EW equipment users and manufacturers

Users deploying AIMS will benefit from greatly improved receiver performance when degraded by interference. Key features and benefits include:

System agnostic technology that can be used with most existing RF receivers
High Interferer power that works even when RF receiver saturates
Wideband real time spectrum protection, protecting up to 800MHz of bandwidth with hopping interferers
Simple Installation that installs in-between RF antenna and receiver
No interfering signal sample required, which means AIMS works even when signal samples are not available. AIMS also addresses multi-path issues

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