Leadership Team

Bob Gelfond

Chairman & Founder

Mr. Gelfond is a recognized leader and visionary in the high-tech field and is a frequent speaker at industry events, discussing a broad range of business strategy and technology topics.

Mr. Gelfond has been widely quoted in media such as the CIO, Computer World, InfoWorld, Technology Review, Light Reading, BBC, EETimes, Scientific American, MSNBC, PC Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, IEEE Spectrum, The New York Times, The Economist, Fortune, Financial Times, and Business Week.

Dr. Audrius Berzanskis

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Berzanskis’ expertise lies in both the academic and business areas. He has extensive experience in the international academic sector both as a researcher and educator. Prior to joining MagiQ he held engineering and management positions in several distinguished European enterprises, including companies in Sweden, Germany, and Lithuania. In these positions he was responsible for delivering new products to market.

Dr. Berzanskis joined MagiQ in its early years at the beginning of 2000. From his early entry into MagiQ, Dr. Berzanskis’ proven expertise in various business areas resulted in his promotion to CEO. It is in this executive capacity that he manages all business operations at MagiQ.

Dr. Michael LaGasse

VP of Engineering

Dr. LaGasse is involved in a wide array of activities at MagiQ from serving as a leader for the engineering team that developed several successful products to acting as Principal Investigator for a variety of grant-related projects.

Dr. LaGasse came to MagiQ in 2003 with broad experience in R&D related to complex optical, electronic and RF systems for military and commercial applications. Dr. LaGasse has published more than 40 advanced optics, networking and telecommunications papers, and holds 10 awarded patents and more than 15 patents pending. Dr. LaGasse holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Dr. Caleb Christensen

Chief Scientist

Dr. Caleb Christensen, chief scientist and principal optical engineer, provides technical expertise in precision sensing, optical systems and signal processing. He studied spectral properties of photonic crystal waveguides and cavities at Iowa State University, where he received his B.S. in physics. He received his PhD in atomic, molecular and optical physics in 2011 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying ultracold atomic gases, exotic quantum phases, and coherent atom-photon interactions under Nobel laureate Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle.

As MagiQ’s chief scientist and principal optical engineer, Dr. Christensen plays a major role in the company’s technology strategy, business development, and research management activities.