Electromagnetic Interference Cancellation for Effective Military Operations

Effective radio communications are the lifeblood of our military and critical to successful defense operations. Whether on land or sea across the globe, the men and women who serve our military depend on clear, uninterrupted wireless communications to enable safety, situational awareness, and strategic execution of military goals.

The key to successful military communications is a clear radio frequency path between military ground vehicles, ships and aircraft. But with so many radio devices and antennae located in the field, sky and on the water, electromagnetic interference presents a real problem.

Electromagnetic Interference Threats

Electromagnetic (EM) interference introduces numerous challenges that degrade communications efforts. Sources of the interference range from unintended and friendly to intentional jamming.

MagiQ Agile Interference Mitigation System (AIMS)

Over 10 years in development, MagiQ AIMS provides advanced interference mitigation technology that brings communication “back-to-life” in dense electromagnetic environments where no, or only limited, communication was possible. These techniques were developed with the support of the Department of Defense and designed specifically to operate in the most stressful military situations.

MagiQ AIMS allows for critical communications to take place where other communication means fail. A proprietary technique developed at MagiQ enables EM systems to operate in the presence of dense EM interference. MagiQ AIMS identifies high level signals that would otherwise lead to distortion in the receiver and sets up frequency-agile, extremely high-Q filters to quickly suppress these unwanted offenders.

Magiq AIMS provides a practical, proven solution to EM interference cancellation. The AIMS device is situated between EM antenna and the receiver and it discriminates SOI from the interfering signals. AIMS suppresses the interferer signals before they even reach the receiver; SOI is not affected by AIMS.

AIMS provides precise and dynamic control of the EM environment, suppressing the detrimental effects of non-stationary interference on the system. AIMS is a hardware appliance that is installed in-be tween antenna and radio receiver. A 3U 19” rackable version is shown in the picture, 3U 19” rack.

AIMS monitors the spectrum in real time and identifies unwanted interference signals; once identified, the AIMS instantaneously invokes a very high Q filter to suppress the problem frequencies. These filters allow surgical removal of ~60dB of interference while leaving nearby signals of interest uncompromised. AIMS supports many instances of these tunable filters which can be continually updated to contend with the most demanding dense and lively EM environments.

DoD programs (Navy, Air Force, SOCOM, Army) that have RF receivers and sensors degraded by interference such as:

Programs where our own equipment jams ourselves
Warfighters dealing with hostile jamming
EW equipment users and manufacturers

Users deploying AIMS will benefit from greatly improved receiver performance when degraded by interference. Key features and benefits include:

System agnostic technology that can be used with most existing EM receivers
High Interferer power that works even when EM receiver saturates
Wideband real time spectrum protection, protecting up to 800MHz of bandwidth with hopping interferers
Simple Installation that installs in-between EM antenna and receiver
No interfering signal sample required, which means AIMS works even when signal samples are not available. AIMS also addresses multi-path issues

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