Key hires, enhanced optical technology to focus on cost effective, accurate seismic monitoring  

Somerville, MA – April 23, 2020 – MagiQ Technologies, the leader in optical processing innovation for defense, telecommunications and energy exploration, today announced significant investments in their seismic surveillance division with the completion of a successful field test and the addition of two new key hires.

Jakob Haldorsen has joined MagiQ Technologies as Scientific Advisor and Director of Business Development. Mr. Haldorsen will lead the MagiQ Technologies’ team in developing new methodologies for borehole seismic and micro-seismic data analysis and interpretation. Prior to joining MagiQ Technologies, Jakob was Chief Scientist at READ AS. Prior to that he spent 30 years as an innovator for Schlumberger, a global leader in oilfield services and equipment. He has authored over 250 professional papers and presentations and received 19 US patents.

Under Jakob’s leadership, the MagiQ Technologies’ geophysics team will be driving the development of the Company’s optical sensing technology for oil and gas exploration, and strengthen its commercial viability.

The company also announced they had successfully completed a strategic field test with two global petroleum and gas companies. The downhole test was conducted in Texas, and was designed to test the viability of MagiQ’s fully optical acoustic sensor array (MagiQ GeoLite Sensors.

Learn more about the field test by reading a recent interview with Jakob Haldorsen HERE

The energy industry spends billions of dollars annually on obtaining accurate seismic data from oil and gas reservoirs. With workforce safety a key concern and reservoir extraction rates as low as 15% percent, accurate seismic data has many financial and safety implications. While traditional seismic monitoring methods like Geophones and Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) have been around for years, cost and accuracy are often compromised in rugged, nontraditional down hole environments.

MagiQ Technologies has been innovating across many industries by exploiting optical versus traditional electronic approaches. Similar to traditional seismic monitoring solutions, MagiQ’s MagiQ GeoLite Sensors are used for down-hole monitoring but with critical differences. Not only are they thinner with fewer exposed parts to break or overheat, but their 3C fiber optic design adds 3 measurement components to boost sensitivity. With the machinery and data acquisition electronics above ground, GeoLite Sensors require less maintenance, fewer replacements, and perform at lower cost.

“MagiQ’s 3C optical sensor arrays are extremely sensitive even at low frequencies. This means that they not only determine noise location, but can even eliminate noise and vibrations created by the machinery itself. This is something that traditional DAS systems can’t do” stated Mr. Haldorsen.

You can learn more about MagiQ GeoLite Sensors by visiting this page on the MagiQ Technologies website

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