Discover MagiQ Solutions for Wireless Communications, Energy Exploration, and Network Security

MagiQ Technologies is Taking Quantum Innovation Further™ by developing proven, optical sensing applications for RF interference cancellation, quantum cryptography, and optical surveillance for advanced energy exploration. The company’s growing line of solutions are engineered for customer success and combine the latest in optical science with practical, proven applications that are cost-effective to manufacture, deploy, service, and maintain.


Electromagnetic Interference Mitigation for Effective Military Communications

Radio communications are the lifeblood of our military and are critical to successful defense operations. The MagiQ Agile Interference Mitigation System (AIMS) provides advanced, real-time interference mitigation that brings critical communications “back-to-life” in dense electromagnetic, and often hostile environments where little to no communications was possible before.


Effective RF Interference Cancellation for Wireless Telecommunications

Detecting and fixing wireless interference problems is extremely challenging and expensive for wireless telco providers. MagiQ’s Clear Spectrum Recovery Technology (CSR) provides a practical, proven solution to RF interference that cancels interference emitted from competing sources.

MagiQ GeoLite Sensors

Accurate, Economical Oil & Gas Exploration

Today’s oil extraction rates from traditional reservoirs range from 10% to 15% for unconventional resources. Improving the quality of seismic monitoring data is critical and can increase energy extraction by as much as 25%. MagiQ GeoLite Sensors are a multi-component 3C Fiber Optic sensors for advanced, accurate seismic and microseismic data acquisition. GeoLite Sensors are engineered for rugged downhole environments and offer greater flexibility and lower data acquisition costs compared to conventional geophones.


State of the Art Quantum Cryptography

Today’s enterprise networks are under constant threat from malicious insider and outside cyber-attacks. MagiQ QPN is a market leading Quantum Cryptography solution that delivers advanced network security and fool-proof defense against malicious threats.